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One easy, efficient, powerful POS system

Sell more, save more, make more. From one store to many on Windows PC or Windows Tablet. It even wroks online, Access everything, anytime, anywhere in the cloud

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Retail POS

Your search for the perfect POS system is over. POS Nation recognizes that retail store, restaurant, and specialty store owners need a point of sale specifically tailored to their unique businesscs. That's why we sell more than POS systems wc sell complete point of sale solutions.


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Send invoices

Send invoices straight from your PCS to your customers' inboxes. They can pay securely with a few clicks.

Create customer profiles

Collect customers' key contact information at the point of sale. See their sales history and contact them through Custome Engagement.

Easy email marketing

Nextiotal email marketing software he os you send Ennouncements, promotions, and event email to keep your bus ress top of mind.

Improved Store Operations

Nextiotal end-to-end unified system provides real-time insights into customers, inventory, sales, financials, and more.

Start selling gift cards

Customize your own cards or choose from our designs, and pay no monthly subscription or recemption tees.

Mobilize your staff

When lines get long, equip staff with Square Readers and a smartphone or table-send them out with their mooils POS systems to ring up customers.

Multiple locations, one account.

Edit your monu, employco tmocards, and prices for clifforont locations from anywhere, all through your Square Dashboard.

Reporting tools you can grow with

Fitor roports by employoo, location, and dov cc. Croato revenue-per-labor-hour reports to see what's working and core multi-unt reports your accountert w I love.

elnvoice for Sauid Arabia

Compatible with clnvoico for Saudi Arbain


Restaurant POS

Your POS system should be easy to set up and simple to use You'll want a POS system with an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and koop lines moving. Training cashiers and managers should take minutos, not hours.

Coffee Shop POS

While all POS systems give you sales data to some degree, the capabilitics and clarity of a system's reporting platform are not all created equally. Your POS system should be able to gcncratc detailed sales reports that not only identify your best selling items and returns, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing.

Other Business Types
  • Bakeries
  • Coffee Shops
  • Concessions
  • Gift Shops
  • Specialty Food Shoos
  • Convenience Stoc
  • loc Cream Shops
  • Boutiquos
  • Candy Shops