For hiring that works your way

Optimize your recruiting process as WorrkBox Recruit comprises everything you require. Discover expert candidates, bring in your entire team on-board and make data-driven decisions.

Extend your Reach

Custom Careers Website

Use WorrkBox Recruit to organize a career portal that portrays your companies brand.

Post to Popular Job Boards

Post to well-recognized job boards and let your job openings get the reach they deserve.

Resume Parsing

Systematize your organizations resume structure to the resume parsing tool. Recruit will take care of the rest.

Resume Inbox

Stop wasting time sifting through each email to find a new candidates resume.

Search Tools

WorrkBox Recruit lets you search multiple resumes using common keywords or your criteria. It saves unique searches to run in the future.

Staging Tools

Add multiple stages for all your opening, such as the kind of stage folders.

Resume Preview

Preview candidates attached resume without entering a candidates profile.

Set Reminders for Tasks

Sends reminders for important meetings or appointments. Automate daily tasks so that they wont get lost in the shuffle.

Customize Email Templates

Emails are automatically sent to candidates and clients at different stages of the interview process.


Sync your email with WorrkBox Recruit and view all your email conversations at one place.

Assign roles

Create roles for users in your WorrkBox Recruit account such as Recruit Administrator, Recruiter, Guest, or Interviewers.


Follow a candidate to receive email notifications of that candidate’s status.

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Candidate Sourcing System

WorrkBox Recruit candidate sourcing software takes the stress out of talent acquisition. Take pride in posting jobs and hiring the perfect candidates. Job seekers and even passive candidates can make use of this candidate sourcing tool.