This document outlines some of the processes we have implemented to ensure that your
data is protected.

Physical Security

Our data centers are hosted in most secure facilities available.

Data Center Security

Our data centers are guarded seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
by private security guards.


Data centers are monitored 7x24x365 with night vision cameras.

Controlled Entrance

Access to the data centers is highly restricted to pre-authorized personnel.

Undisclosed Locations

Our servers are located inside generic-looking, undisclosed locations that make them
stay secured by becoming a target of an attack.

Bullet-Resistant Walls

Bullet-resistant walls are used to guard servers.

Network Security

Our network security team helps protect your data against electronic attacks.


Our network is gated and screened by highly powerful and certified Intrusion
Prevention Systems.

Control and Audit

Accesses are controlled and audited.

Secured Operating

Our applications run inside a secured operating system engineered for safety that
reduces vulnerabilities.

Virus Scanning

Traffic is automatically scanned for viruses while being secured in to server by
using virus scanning protocols which are updated regularly.

People Processes

Select Employees

Employees with approval have access to our data centers data. Employees who need
entree to provide support and troubleshooting on our customers behalf are allowed to access data


Audits are regularly performed and reviewed by administration.

As-Needed Basis

Accessing data center information is only done when approved by the customer or by
senior security management to provide support and maintenance.

Vulnerability Reporting

SolutionDots Systems morals the efforts done by security researchers for improving
our service security. It’s our commitment of work with community to validate, reproduce, and respond to
legitimate reported liabilities.

Please submit security issues at