Anti Spam

This policy is applicable to all Services relevant to transmitting emails or SMS to customers. You agree with our Anti-Spam Policy as a precondition to using our Services.

Covered Services may be used only for sending emails or messages to persons from whom you have express permission to send emails or messages. If we discover that you are sending emails or messages to people without their permission, we reserve the right to terminate your user account.

By “permission” we mean verifiable permission allowed to you by the customer. Permission to send emails and SMS/MMS may be through:

  • Submission of email address/ Phone numbers as part of making a profile.
  • Subscription to an email newsletter by filling a form.
  • Contact provided by a person as part of participation in any contest or survey conducted by you and you have informed them that you would be sending them messages.
  • Any person checked an opt-in checkbox indicating a willingness to be contacted by you through email/ SMS/MMS.
  • Any business card is given by a person who has expressed his/her willingness to receive emails/ SMS/MMS even if of commercial nature.

In particular, you shall strictly comply with the following rules:

  • You must have permission to contact the recipient. You shall maintain proof of the fact that you have received permission from all recipients.
  • You must ensure that the routing and header information including the originating domain name and email address are accurate and are 100% true.
  • Miss leading subject lines must not be used that mislead the recipient about the contents or subject matter of the message.
  • Include your valid physical postal address in all messages sent through Services.

Your act of utilizing above Covered terms signifies your unconditional acceptance of this Anti-Spam Policy.

If you have any questions about our Anti-Spam Policy, please contact our abuse department at: complaints [@]