What is Recruitment?

Recruitment may be a HR based process which basically hires the right candidate for a specific position during a firm. Not just that but to seek out and hire the simplest possible candidate consistent with the requirements of the firm. Recruitment involves finding qualified employees and persuading them to simply accept an edge at your company. Internal and external initiatives should be wont to make sure the company can meet its staffing needs.

Types of Recruitment

There are several ways of online and offline recruitment. E-recruitment, on the opposite hand, may be a sub-area of recruitment that specializes in online activities. Both the look for candidates and applicant management and communication are administered digitally in e-recruitment.

Recruitment process

To find candidates for positions at your company, you've got several internal and external options. The sort of recruitment initiatives you ought to use will depend upon the target group you're trying to succeed in. There are several steps within the recruitment process

  • Job advertisement

Job advertisement is that the initiative in hiring and finding a candidate. Specialist and HR sit together to make a billboard which specifies the requirements of the work and therefore the demands also enhances company’s reputation also because the company itself.

  • Publication

The position at which an individual is required is then publicized to the audience through website portals, social media ads or the company’s own website.

  • Preselection

Preselection is usually done by HR as they check if the candidate is qualified enough for the specified job. Sometimes a web basic test is additionally taken whichever candidate passes the test goes further on with the procedure.

  • Interviews

After a candidate passes preselection tests, then comes the interview which is that the most vital a part of any job selection process. The interviews basically judge the character and personality of the candidate also because the technical knowledge and capability of the candidate.

  • Applicant Evaluation

When it involves the evaluation, the HR department has got to guarantee two things: that it can proceed quickly, there's nothing applicants criticize quite long waiting times which everything is completed professionally. Professionalism means creating objective criteria, involving the proper colleagues, and making transparent decisions.

  • Contract Signing

The best-case scenario is that the candidate accepts the position, and HR can start preparing for his or her arrival.