POS Inventory management system

A POS inventory management system is that the location where customers of a little business exchange money for the products or services sold by the tiny business. A POS transaction occurs when a customer buys or returns a product or service and occurs either at a brick-and-mortar store, on a mobile app, or in online checkout.

A POS system could also be an easy register, one computer, or an integrated network with point-of-sale software. it's going to even be a mobile device sort of a laptop, tablet, phone, or specialized terminal which will be used remotely for online sales transactions. POS terminals could also be either stationary units tied to a computer inside a brick-and-mortar business, a mobile unit like an iPad, or a unit for online transactions. POS systems could also be utilized in a spread of the way. These systems are a useful gizmo within the toolbox of companies that engage in inventory management.

The Working of a POS

POS isn't an easy register or cash box world anymore unless yours is that the smallest of companies or a home-based service operation. Most businesses, even those providing services, need a more sophisticated cash management system so as to trace sales, manage inventory, administer customer loyalty and gift card programs, and generate reports, to call a couple of. If your business sells one or more sorts of products, or if it's a service-oriented business that uses pos inventory system in its production process, you'll quickly see that your business needs help tracking its inventory. If you sell online or sell far away from your brick-and-mortar store, then investing during a good POS system are often worth its weight in gold to you.

Powerful inventory catalogue
  • Stock by variant

Create multiple variants of your products supported size, color, material and more. Assign unique SKUs to every variant and track their stock levels.

  • Unlimited products

With Hike, there are not any limits on the number of products or services you'll add. Your system is optimized to handle large amounts of inventory.

  • Barcodes

Use barcodes for products including separate barcodes for product variants. Barcodes also are included on receipts in order that you'll find orders easily.

  • Product Bundles

Create composite product bundles using your existing products. you'll use it to make combo deals or maybe hampers.

  • Bulk import, export and even edit!

The export and import wizard, allows you to add, update, and count thousands of pos and inventory system. Easily apply important updates like price and other product information changes with none delays.

  • Multiple stock locations

Hike may be a multi-store POS, central inventory management system and allows you to track your stock by store. you'll even plan to track your online store inventory separately or tune it together with your physical store. Ultimately it works together with your existing process and helps you improve it with automation.

  • Real-time Inventory Management

Drill deeper into your inventory to satisfy customer demand by season, size, color, category, and far more. With Counterpoint, you recognize exactly where your stock lies at any point in time – giving your sales associates more power to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer value.

  • Smarter Replenishment

Powerful replenishment and restocking functions allow you to quickly transfer products from your warehouse to different locations supported your business needs and customer demand.

  • Unified Purchasing

Meet customer demand and avoid being over-stocked with unified purchasing. Intelligently predict where stock needs replenishing and make new purchase orders automatically to manage a comprehensive omnichannel experience.

  • Advanced Pricing and Promotion

For retailers operating across multiple stores and a number of other channels, Counterpoint can manage multiple pricing strategies like promotional prices, contract prices, BOGO Price and multiple price levels by store.

  • Barcode Labels, Tags, and jewelry Labels

Speed up sales process during checkout and scan product prices accurately. Assign each item a vast number of barcodes, including in-house barcodes, manufacturer or vendor barcodes, customer-specific barcodes, or the other sort of barcode you would possibly need. A variety of pre-defined label formats—including one-up, two-up (split), butterfly, and hangtag labels—are compatible with popular label printers from Cognitive Solutions, Eltron, and Datamax. Counterpoint also supports standard Avery labels to be used with any inkjet or electrostatic printer.

Product Bundles, Kits, and Bill of Materials

Group, sell and track related items in bundles with kit functionality. Track items during a specific bundle, in loose combinations, or as finished goods with Counterpoint’s pos inventory. Create tag-along kits, which permit you to assign “tag-along” items, like delivery or service fees, to a listing item. Define, assemble, and sell manufactured goods from their component parts.